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                         ./code --poetry

      This website displays a collection of sixteen code poems,
    each written in the source code of a different programming
    language. Every poem is also a valid program which produces
    a visual representation of itself when compiled and run.

      An expanded version of this collection is also available
    in full colour print with ten additional exclusive poems,
    a "manual" page with discussion about each of the poems,
    and two essays on code poetry.

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       "I love this book, because it grants poets permission to
     engage more directly with the software of our digital culture,
            thus extending all our tool-kits for expression."

                         ~ Christian Bök

              "code is all around us. like bacteria.
          best not to think about how much of it there is.
               and fungus. we rely on it to survive.
         but most of us have no idea what it actually does.
       Holden and Kerr know. they don't tell us, they show us.
    each poem basks in its own logic. unfolds in its own language.
      ASCII as love language. code and output. flower and fruit."

                        ~ J. R. Carpenter

       "Poems have always aspired to make something happen.
    The source codes in ./code --poetry deliver on that promise."

                        ~ Pedro Poitevin

         "This book explores the aesthetic and rhythmic
            properties of code poetry in a new way ...
                It's a really beautiful book."

                        ~ Ishac Bertran

       "This multi-lingual collection of code-poems is an
     exhilaration both to the mind and senses ... an elegant
        showcase humming with lyrical and visual energy."

                       ~ Catherine Vidler

  "...an intricately crafted tapestry of linguistic innovation."

                         ~ Mez Breeze

    "I love this! Actually poetic and wonderfully executed."
                         ~ Angus Croll

       This is a project by Daniel Holden and Chris Kerr.