./code --poetry

    This website displays a collection of twelve code poems, 
  each written in the source code of a different programming 
  language. Every poem is also a valid program which produces 
  a visual representation of itself when compiled and run.

    An expanded version of this collection is also available 
  in full colour print and e-book formats. These books contain 
  five new and exclusive poems in addition to the poems on 
  this website. 
               : Print :               : E-Book :              
            -[       ]-

                 "I love this! Actually poetic
                   and wonderfully executed." 

                         ~ Angus Croll
         "This book explores the aesthetic and rhythmic 
            properties of code poetry in a new way ... 
                It's a really beautiful book." 
                        ~ Ishac Bertran

       "This multi-lingual collection of code-poems is an 
     exhilaration both to the mind and senses ... an elegant 
        showcase humming with lyrical and visual energy."
                       ~ Catherine Vidler 
       This is a project by Daniel Holden and Chris Kerr.
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