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sensations =->{ start  up  on  the  ward;
tinting a};module Purple;   flies=-> try{
to;  redo;  the  operation  every  minute
encoding a surgeons shifting hand flutter
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letting the mind; return to  formication}
       return j>p||a>2*g ? 0: (s*
     1..1000).map{|m|;s="\n   " ; (
      0..21).map{|t|;(0..74). map{
       |x|;d=v[x/25.0,t/21.0, m];
        s+=' .:-=+*&#%@'[d%11]};
         s+="\n   "};sleep(0.02
foul =->{ language scores nil; by  mouth;
by  day;  mucous  membranes  line  sheets
while  legs  do  flick  montaging   decay
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for their,entertainment in persistence do
make the patient lips  plastically; yield
                          end end}